Jan 07

Hammer and Tongs

I said in my last post that I am currently working on the boot and I have uploaded a couple of new photos to my thread on the forum. It tbootook a little thought, but I have decided to go ahead with stripping the sound deadening, fixing up holes created by the old tow bar and then giving the whole thing a lick of paint before installing the fuel system. In keeping with the theme of learning as I go along this will mean figuring out some basic body work skills and no doubt a bit of trial and error when it comes time to lay down the paint. It should be a lot of fun and skills like that last a lifetime I guess.

I was amazed by just how much the sound deadening actually weighs. I’m not too concerned about turning the car into a light weight, all out race car, but it was still fairly surprising. The photo above shows pretty much where things are at right now but once I’m finished I’m looking forward to weighing the shit to see just how much we have removed. The reason for it only being half done? Basically I wasted some time in not leaving the dry ice on long enough to get a real deep freeze happening and as a result it didn’t come off quite and cleanly and easily and I thought. I’ve got it down pat now though so hopefully it will look a whole lot cleaner next time I post pics!

Outside of my own shed, as most of you would already be aware Summernats has been run and won. maxresdefaultUnfortunately I chose to skip it this year but from all reports it was one of the better runnings of the event. I’ve read a whole lot less of the negative bullshit that usually accompanies Summernats (and everything else on the internet I guess) and it really does seem that they are moving it in the right direction. I’ve penciled it in to be there next year for all four days and I’m hoping it keeps getting better and better.

I know it is a little late in the game to talk about this now, but the availability of almost real time media from Summernats was also awesome. Some of you are probably already aware of the Scotty’s Garage videos on Youtube and as an employee of Street Machine he also put together daily videos showing the highlights. For what is a one man (two man including the camera dude I guess)  effort they are pretty damn good. You can catch up with them on Youtube and keep it in mind if you can’t travel to Canberra next year. Summernats itself also put together a live feed of the burnout pad which was a great way to waste Sunday. Sure, it’s not as good as being there, but for free and without getting sunburnt, watching live skids on your TV is a pretty good deal. Again- hopefully this continues and other events also get involved.

For site news, I am bringing all of the behind the scenes stuff up to date and installing all of the updates required. With only a few weeks left at home before six months away I’m hoping to have the ducks in as close to a row as I can before taking off. Of course, phpBB is being a bitch which usually happens at update time and I’ve also crammed it back down to merely two boards. All of the old posts are still there but there is really no need for a board that has been getting one or two posts a week to have too many sub forums. If the board does momentarily disappear though, don’t panic, it is just me getting stuffed about by dodgy install packages.



Dec 23

You know you are getting old when…

So with work done for the year, the time is right to get some work in on the car. I said the plan was to work from the back to the front so I finally – after many years of meaning to – pissed off the tow bar.

Of course that meant the rear bar had to come off resulting in only one broken clip. I’m calling it a win! The bracing was bolted near the diff so having it on stands also meant a perfect opportunity to pull the tank and associated pumps etc. To be honest it all went surprisingly well but Jesus my neck is saw after spending an afternoon crawling around under the car.

From here I have started collecting the fittings from Speedflow and will be removing the sound deadening. The good oil is dry ice which seems readily available. I am tossing up painting rather than carpet or panelling but no hard decision has been made yet.

Speaking of hard decisions, you probably received an email from me recently concerning the fate of the site. It is no secret I have neglected it and as a result we are a long way from the glory days of a couple of years back. The big question is whether to continue in a world where Facebook is replacing forums. At this stage no real decision has been made. I will continue to weigh things up and see where we end up.

Regardless, I would like to wish everyone reading a merry Christmas and a safe, happy new year. I sincerely hope it is a welcome break spent with good company, and of course the presents are exactly what you always wanted.



Nov 30

Embrace technology

Today I should be at Powercruise… but I’m not. Instead I am chilling on the couch with the tablet and perusing the new Google News Stand app. For those of you who don’t already know, a number of American car mags are available for low, low prices. I’m talking $10 for a years subscription to mags like Hotrod. It’s hard to argue with that and there is a trial period if you are unsure. Given so many forums are turning into ghost towns I need something to do!

With Christmas leave on the horizon I am looking forward to putting my fuel system together and will definitely post my trials and tribulations.